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decompose this body.

2022, decompose this body., Society of Northern Alberta Printmakers (SNAP) Gallery, Edmonton, AB.

Wax-preserved drawings, video artwork, and soundscape.

A Lesson In Listening

2021, Activations of Solidarity: Coresistance and Care presented by The Indigenous Curatorial Collective, Online Exhibition & Publication.

Wax preserved drawings and soundscape.

To listen to soundscape and read more go to:

The Online Exhibition and Publication Website

Since We Can't Dance Together

2021, The Works: Activated presented by The Works International Visual Arts Society, Churchill Square, Edmonton, AB.

Wax preserved drawings, living plants, and mixed materials.

Artist Statement & Artist Talk

Green House now housed at Wâposo-Wâti Park and Community Garden

The Breathing Wall

2020, Collaborative Exhibition with Connie Morey & The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria at the E&N Roundhouse in Esquimalt, BC curated by Michelle Jacques.

Ink drawings coated in bee's wax, reclaimed wood frames, and other mixed media

AGGV | The Breathing Wall

The Breathing Wall official website

Today I Feel Like An Island - Video Installation