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Taryn is a multifaceted creative professional who is passionate about creating powerful, engaging content. She enjoys working with many forms of media including large scale illustration, video, photography, graphic design, and animation. Taryn is specifically interested in the intersections of technology and visual communication, which has lead her to explore a variety of different softwares and forms of image making. Her artistic practice explores themes of identity, humour, feminism, and the supernatural. Reoccurring motifs such as hair and unearthly characters often appear in her imagery, as does a focus on the performative body.


Recently Taryn was awarded the Diane Mary Hallam Achievement Award by the University of Victoria for academic excellence and commitment to the arts. In January of 2017 she was also long listed for the Philip B. Lind Emerging Artist Prize, presented by the Presentation House Gallery for demonstrating excellence as an emerging video artist and photographer. Taryn has presented work in spaces such as the Martin Batchelor Gallery (2017), the UVic Audain Gallery (2017), and the First People’s House at UVic (2016 & 2015).


As of June of 2018 Taryn will have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Victoria with a Major in Visual Arts and a Minor in Art History & Visual Studies.