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Reflections: '24k Salacity' Installation, Bass Coast

This past weekend my summer festival season kicked off in full force with four hot (and windy) days at the 10th instalment of Bass Coast Music & Art Festival, in Merritt, B.C.

Gina Luke and I premiered our first collaborative work '24K Salacity' under our artist collective name 'FOMO', with the help of fellow media artist Tristian Neve. The piece combined our animation and installation styles into a hybrid of drawing and video art. The work included an 8ft high wall that was built perfectly to the scale of our videos, giving the illusion that our animations simply dissolved into the surrounding forest. (For a more detailed description of our installation click here).

Installing the work was no simple task; at the end of the day totalling 14 hours to complete. Throughout the process of our installation we were happy to have the support of the festival staff and fellow installation artist to problem solve and make our concept come to life. We were especially thankful for the quality of service we received at the Merritt Home Hardware (special shout out!!). All of us were blown away by their willingness to assist, accommodate, as well as provide us with local insider information on where to fill our sand bags.

Viewers got up close and personal with our installation and touched, danced, and inserted their shadows into the imagery, as the animations pulsed and moved to the beat of the surrounding music. Over the course of the festival it also quickly became a popular 'selfie' location. We couldn't be more happy with how interactive the piece became!

Projection art was one of the dominating art forms at the festival and it was truly a pleasure to connect with other artists using the medium from around the world. We were blown away by the creative methods artists were using projection, which including projectors suspended from trees, projection mapping over geometric forms, and interactive/reactive work that integrated with nature. The experience left our minds buzzing with ideas, questions, and conversations surrounding the evolving technology.

'25K Salacity' at night.

Souvenirs from the festival.

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